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Company Name Asano Laboratories Co., Ltd.
Capital Stock ¥546,850,000
Establishment October 7, 1953
Address 5 Toigoshi, Kurozasa-cho, Miyoshi City,
Aichi 470-0201, Japan
Phone +81-561-20-9251
Fax +81-561-20-9260
Number of

Asano Laboratories Co., Ltd.

Company History

1953 Founded by Kazuo Asano at Miyukiyama, Tempaku-ku, Nagoya, and production and sale of high-frequency welders were begun.
1955 Production and sale of thermoforming machines were launched.
1961 Production elements relocated to new plant in Togo-cho, Aichi-gun, Aichi Prefecture.
1969 No.3 Plant was built.
1973 Head Office relocated to Iwata Building in Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya. No.4 Plant built.
1978 Late Kazuo Asano appointed as President and CEO.
1984 No.4 Plant was expanded.
1986 Cosmo Equipment Sales Co.,Ltd. established to dedicated to the sales of the Asano products.
1990 Received Distinguished Supplier Award from General Electric (USA) in appreciation of Asano's high-performance thermoforming machines supplied for their refrigerators.
1991 New Head Office building (three stories) completed.
1992 Joining TSUKISHIMA KIKAI CO., LTD. Group.
1997 No.5 Plant and Painting Plant added.
2004 Independence from TSUKISHIMA KIKAI CO., LTD. through a Management Buyout (MBO).
2007 Concluded License Agreement with Sencorp Inc., MA, USA.
2011 Exhibited actual machine in Chinaplas for the first time.
2012 TFH machine awarded with the 24th SMB new excellence technique product prize.
Toshihiro Takai appointed as President and CEO.
2016 R&D center open.
2017 Total number of machine production exceeded 6,000 units.
2019 Asano Demo Center established at Shanghai Yishi trading Co.,Ltd Exhibition Technology Center.
2023 The Shanghai Demonstration Center has been relocated to Tianjin.
2024 Constructed a new plant in Miyoshi City, Aichi Prefecture.

Asano Laboratories Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and selling over 6,000 thermoforming machines and post-treatment machines over 26 countries.
Our machines for food container control 70% of the Japanese market share, and machines for refrigerator control approx. 100%.

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